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Your Guide to Search Engine Optimization By Google

Last Tuesday of September, Google release a new version of their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

I had the chance to glance on it quickly and afterwards did a good read on the guide.

Overall, it is a good read for someone who is struggling to figure out what to do with regards to SEO.

It starts with describing the meta data of an html page and proceed to on page optimization.  It then guide thru the importance of proper navigation and describes anchor text, and how to optimize images on web pages.

It also highlights the importance of providing two sitemaps of your website, one for your visitor and another one for the search engines.

I think the most important aspect of this guide is the inclusion of how mobile is optimized by the crawler.  Two paths for the robots to crawl but the question that comes to mind is this – does Google have a separate index for mobile aside from the regular desktop search?

It seems to indicate that there are two separate data store.

It also implied the importance of guiding the user to the proper path of web usage.  If they are in their mobile device, redirect them to the mobile site, if such a site exist.

The inclusion of the importance of social media sites as another route for promotion was also touched by the guide.

Again, this guide is mostly geared towards those who needs to get a basic understanding of SEO.  But for intermediate users, this is a good refresher on what Google expects from web sites.

You can download the guide -> Google SEO Starter Guide